How to choose a good winter coat like moncler down jacket

This week, I am inspired by the Queen of Shopping and his Bible to help you identify a good winter coat.

I got the idea of this post when I got the press kit announcing the renewal of the Quebec Kanuk brand. We saw all the people wearing coats Kanuk dating back to the 1980s, how their coats last so long? I have three winter coats with less than 5 years, so I alternate the coat I’m wearing (which should minimize their wear, no?) and yet the zippers have misery, I often too hot or too cold, and one of the moncler womens coats already taking on water.

Soon, I’ll have to think about buying a new coat (already). I won’t make the same mistake.

How to recognize the good winter coat

I don’t pretend to be an expert (I’ll leave that to Laurence Bareil!), but I thought group here moncler online shop a few tips to consider to find the right winter coat for YOU.

(1) when you arrive at the store, get an idea of moncler outlet what you want. A mat coat? A coat of city? A sport coat? There are different coats for different needs.

(2) fur vs. No fur: when I chatted with Geneviève Bigarade for my ticket on the quality bedding, we discussed vs feather padding. polyester padding. The dilemma is the same for the fur. Real fur = probable/possible maltreatment of animals, and polyester fur = oil, recyclable, pollution. Which option do you prefer? Personally, I choose either vintage fur or fur. At Kanuk, it is now possible to choose moncler womens jacket according to your preference.

(3) it is certain that you will want to choose a coat that you like the look. Maiiiiis… If you expect that your coat will last several years, better avoid anything TOO trendy. Let’s do simple, cheap moncler with a silhouette that highlights you, and a neutral color. You can punch with accessories, easier (and cheaper) to change.

(4) warranty and workshop: prefer brands that offer you a guarantee on manufacturing of the mantle. So so there’s a problem, you will not have to change of coat, just get it repaired for free. If the workshop is in Montreal, it’s not only good for the economy, it is convenient for you, because repairs can often be made quickly. For example, the Kanuk coats are guaranteed for life (manufacturing or raw material defects), so you won’t have to replace it because the zipper doesn’t work anymore.

(5) buy local = knowledge of climate: brands like Kanuk or Canada Goose, which are designed and made here are created for the winters from here. An of a European brand

winter coat may not provide the same insulation because the winters are warmer but wetter in Europe.

(6) look at the seams: are they quality? You can learn to identify different seams through the Bible of Shopping smart. Are there too many? The seams can let pass the air, reducing the insulating quality and warming of your coat.

(7) learn about fabrics: still here, I refer you to the Bible of Shopping. Is your coat breathing? Waterproof? Cut the wind? Just know fabrics and their properties will help you answer these questions. If you opt for a coat of city type “Canadian” (what is told still that?), choose wool, known for its warmth.